The Raw Deal

by Teknopeasant

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The debut solo album from Irish singer-songwriter Conor O'Kane, member of Ard Ri the Derry Folk supergroup with Philip Wallace, Jonny Nutt, Ruairi O Dochartaigh, Conor Mc Cauley, Keith Harkin, Ciaran Duffy and others


released April 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Teknopeasant Donegal, Ireland

Teknopeasant aka Conor O'Kane is a Banjo-shredding blues-punk mountain-man preacher for the post-apocalyptic generation. His no-holds-barred assaults on consumer society, greedy agricultural practises and pointless political labyrinths work through the innterplay of musicality, humour and rage. His gentler side comes across in his beautiful folk songs and country-blues tinged tales of caravan life ... more

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Track Name: Back Off
Back off

Back in the back of the van
Like a pack man, Heading back man
Telling other people all a the craic man
Eating dots and plots, having it have nots
Revving it reverend like it’ll never end
Don’t beg to differ if you spin at a whiff of her
Lift up her christopher streaming the locks and rocks
Like a pilgrim father asking is it much further
Mother of thousands crying out murderer
Shining the medal the treadle the tread mill
Linen and thread mills bouncing to Jeff Mills
This is the line of the party so follow her
Parity followers feeling much hollower
Esteem engines are working on overtime
Railing at white lines overtaking wunderkinds
Slighting the sins of the grandfathers’ lean kine

It’s the dreamtime the connection
Parallel citadel silver confection
Marble halls mirror balls walk it like pastry
She faced you disgraced you she’s going to outpace you
Are you going to sleep with the sheep in the cold leas
Green shields mean fields average measure
Hedging your bets for maximum pleasure?
Keep your sights high son, focus on the main prize
Wait for the heat and the dawn wind of sunrise

Packs of players, delayers, soothsayers
Opposite numbers, fumblers, tumblers
Empty gutted stomach rumblers
Pitchers, bewitchers, dank damp ditch-deliverers
Looking for corkscrews, fresh news, papers and fire
Touch the blue before you retire

Missing the mainstream caught in an up dream
Glorying relics of afternap noon team
Playing the part, getting a start
Breaking a heart for measure not pleasure
The eggs are needed love lies bleeded
Easily led like a pencil to water
Grammatical fanatical wolf and daughter
Says its bled I stand corrected
Getting collected here comes the hackney
Whack me back me
Into a corner I can’t report on you
Leave them standing,
Those girls a whole handling
Howling like hallions
I need you tonight
But we’re mock rock stars, Heavy
Rolling, Crystal - away home!
Dream of mansions
Dead-end expansions
She’s a bottle-blond spray tan beguiler
An apprentice Nail-Filer
She loves Bonnie Tyler
Was that a one-chance life time visit?
Was that the taxi fuck did I miss it?

Buncrana!!!!! I’ve had ya!!

Player piano is tenderly crackling
I’m hackling, going to get back wi them
Only a short walk to the long pier
Did ye not hear? Left holding a French girl
With a head skirl, she’s mardy
if you don’t believe me check out Thomas Hardy
Nobody’s entering shoes in the middle
with keys and phone save me the trouble
Curling up next to three black cases
Blank faces undercover like an elephant
But that’s irrelevant
A Tiny detective sniffs out perspective
Blames the bliss of one off-ness
For the kiss-off tear and snot fest
Miss the mess wi the mistress
Blanking the sack wi relationship hater
I’ll tell ye all the craic - later
I’ve had all that any man can stand

Buncrana - I’ve had ya!
48 hours march into mayhem
Rattling like a tin can, off the drink man
Back in black in the back of me red van.
Track Name: Nobody Wants To Be Loved
Nobody Wants To Be Loved

Well it’s drunk text o’clock, all-a-sudden, I’m hot
I’m thinking that’s just you but then..
We should probably be phoning, not sitting alone-ing
And freaking ourselves out again
Or curled up in bed, my arm under your head
With you thinking I’d better not snore
How’d I get so deranged as to let you arrange
The heartstrings on the cutting-room floor

We’ve talks about talking, but they don’t get anywhere
Well - at least nowhere you’d like
Maybe they’re better off left in the bedroom
Away from that harsh old daylight
You say you don’t want me for day to day living
But why are we running away?
Are the stories all told, Have we stopped chasing gold?
Have the feelings all hardened like clay?


Tonight feels so cold and so empty
Like a frozen hand’s dream of a glove
For everybody wants to be a lover
But nobody wants to be loved

I’ve chased you, and caught you, tried to unknot you
But you’ve anger that lurks deep inside
It bites when it hurts, and it doesn’t bark first
And I’ve got my own sin of pride
You don’t like my family, you don’t like my friends
And in truth I’m not mad on your own
Though we look good together, like lace sown to leather
The holes in the pattern have grown


Tonight feels so cold and so empty
Like a frozen hand’s dream of a glove
For everybody wants to be a lover
But nobody wants to be loved

If I was the right one, you’d not be the left one, my dear
But I’m getting so tired of finding that we’re right back here…
You say that you’re chasing a dream and you’re not scared to fail
Well baby that’s fine but I think you’re just chasing your tail

Tonight feels so cold and so empty
Like a frozen hand’s dream of a glove
For everybody wants to be a lover
But nobody wants to be loved
Track Name: I Got The Blues
People come tell me all they know sometimes
Say you got an understanding look on your face
Sorry friend, but that just ain’t the case

Understandings not the same as living everyday
You can know too much before you finally get away
I’m sure sorry that’s the case

Got them blues, can’t be satisfied
Got them blues, can’t be satisfied
I got them blues gonna take that train and ride

I swore that once I’d never be back again
That was a long time ago, I didn’t feel no pain
Lost my job and my woman and I’m here in the driving rain

When you work outdoors you think that you might freeze
Pick strangers’ apples off of strangers’ trees
Take your mind off your troubles friend leave when you please
Track Name: Lazy Feckin' Hippies
Lazy Feckin’ Hippies

Oh I used to love the way
You loved to be around me
Oh I used to love the way
You loved me being in good form
Oh I used to love the way
You’d celebrate and crown me
Till in the end, I was myself again
- up the walls at home

I really can’t believe
The mystic cack you keep on spouting
You’re convinced there’s hotels
Full of aliens on the moon
But I am, strang-el-y att-racted
To the one concept you’ve studiously rejected
That of Energy Vampires
And their prescence in this room

I can’t stand Lazy Fecking hippies
Claiming their energy is love
Their psychedelic snaking ladders
Leave them higher plane backstabbers
That rank the cuckoo higher than the dove

I’ve learned never to trust anyone that laughs when nothings funny
I’ve learned never to trust anyone with too many best friends
And to Never ever trust anyone whose religion needs money
To mete you out the truth on which your soul’s salvation depends

I can’t stand LAZY Feckin Hippies…

If I have to listen to another woolly notion
I will vomit and choke and wheeze and cough
You could knit a hat and a couple of scarves
From last nights half-baked mixed metaphors
Its a tragic roundabout - please let me off

I put it to you, dear horatio
That these people offer brain fellatio
But I would rather hang around kings cross station
Than submit once more to their cranial penetration
Do you think they’ve got the message yet? Christ only knows.
Track Name: Bin Hoker Girl
Bin Hoker Girl

The first time I met her was sat on the street
Her big woolly hat on she smiled at me sweet
She said why you hungry boy come on with me
I’ll take you to places where everything’s free

We bantered and dandered our way down the quay
She climbed fences easy as night followed day
She said don’t be nervous you got to dive in
And we head over heeled into sainsbury’s bins

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rock my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!

First we found oranges then we found bread
Sweetcorn and mackerel – watch them she said
Ripe avocados - Buy none get two free
I laughed for I knew she was laughing at me

Well we’d this morning’s croissants
And yesterday’s prawns
And we finished the olives as the night wore on
We drank a toast to the holy grail
Wi a couple of tins of own brand ale

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rock my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!

The moon shone on Derry
And through the oul haze
I thought this is one of them mentalist days
But none of the folks in the tower Hotel
Dined as fine as me and my bin-hoker girl

So we danced in the moonlight
Below the new bridge
She tapped out a jig on a oul rusty fridge
We kissed where the heart patients walk off the pounds
And made love on our coats on the cold common ground

She says pride will starve you
The whole world’s just theft
Their false economy’s up the left
Get off your arse boy and come away wi me
There’s a whole lot more crazy world to see…

Well I thought I’d been round
Been all over the world
But I never met a woman like my bin-hoker girl

Some of you may think this song’s a joke
But more each day got a hard bin to hoke
She said they’re like you love
Don’t know that they’re free
And they’ll never find out
Without a good looking
hard fighting
head knocking
smart working
bin-hoking girl like me..

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rocked my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!
Track Name: T'ai Ch'i Lattes
T'ai Ch'i Lattes

I’m standing by the side of a northern canal
As the freight train thunders through
There’s a smile on your face
And your hand’s on the pram
As I wave goodbye to you
Til the summer bells ring true

I’m off to see my daughter,
she’s a student these days
Shining like a guiding star
Building the friendships
That’ll carry her through
A life lived near and far
A life lived near and far

T’ai chi lattés and last nights fun
To launches and engagement rings
She’s my daughter, and just like us all
She knows how to celebrate things
She knows how to celebrate things

It’s good to wander this gem of a world
And party with the people it holds
Better when you come back after all these years
Find silver turned to gold
Find silver’s turned to gold

Now I’m sitting with her mother
By the side of her bed
And everything smells too clean
There’s a psychedelic etch-a-sketch
Tracing the Blue Stack mountains on the screen
I know it isn’t over cos we both believe
And we’re here to see it through
And I’ll never be embarrassed to be
Singing a song
About how much I love you
Though I know I never do….
Track Name: Herbal Infection
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Here comes your herbal infection
Oh oh oh oh
Where’s your propolis protection
None of your beeswax, Face facts
We weren’t made to propagate
Anything that nature couldn’t mate
Now we’ve mucked it up big time
Too late for bee-kind
Our hive-mind inoculators
Slaving nectar-saving pollinators
They’re doing their see-you laters
But that’s no way to say goodbye

Ticks of the mind have
Time to find you, will unwind you
Like a wool skein,
A sheep scene of loathing
Steeped clothing
Battering rams at the flax dams
Get on your flak jacket, father jack hacket.
What? Ya mean ya didn’t pack it?
Ha! Too late lately so many poisons
We’re the only species
That heedlessly employs them

Hay hay hay it’s old school
You need the weather fool
We’re up for big bales
Black sails in the sunset
Unispike as you like
Rearguard farmyard action
This is four by four traction
Sixteen, the sick team
Thank the bankers
Bought us the slurry tankers
Contractual mayhem
JuneJitsu Gas them
All over the taut brown ground
Squirm worm you’re history
Lumbricans terrestris
You’ll miss the best bits
Watch us try to eat our own shit

Settle down lad, says my granddad
No need for Swearing
You could do more being pleasant
And what’s that you’re wearing?
In the name of Teknopeasant!

Pop, the problem is more and more’s been done
God knows you were no moron
A good man, quiet, hard working and smart
And I still miss the smell of your pipe smoke
And my granny’s apple tart
But now we’re outrun
Have you clocked the mileage,
We got knee-deep friesans eating captive silage
Pensioners at 3 and 4 years
Bone-hammock dung-flingers
Wannabee gun-slingers can’t stand them,
Scan them - look they got chipped ears
Just a few years ahead of us, on GPS
Time to go back to the dark and pray
We learn to enjoy being treated the same way

What? Are you going to try
And rip out a few pages?
Look up the golden ages?
Get courageous, Get cosmopolitan
Ask for help from your bake-book
Face the facts there’s no going back
It’s a war against money
Being used as a weapon
I’m not joking it’s a token of infection
It’s time for insurrection
Need to get off this oil
Get back on the soil
Get fierce and vocal – keep it local
Take some ground and tend it, befriend it.
This is Now - our world – defend it
Track Name: Hallowe'en Night
Oh I’m just a poor fella that wanders this town
Tapping for drink or a couple of pound
But I once had a girlfriend, a job and a home
It’s truth that I tell though I wish it were none

I fell out with my girl and the whole of our crew
Over some stupid message that I miss-sent to you
Couldn’t sit wi me nephews and nieces at home
So on Halloween night I was out on my own

Sick of the town and the lights of the pubs
And the same DJs playing in overpriced clubs
I was looking for somewhere to party all night
When a bunch of wee goth wans came into my sight

They were witches and vampires and a ghoul in a shroud
Then I saw one wee lass drop her glove on the ground
In my superman costume I ran up and cried
“I’m made out of steel girls would ye give us a smile?”

Of the six scary sisters she was fairest to me
Plum velvet black leather and fishnets and heels
She’d a seventies face and her hair looked the same
I gave back her glove and I asked for her name

She laughed in my face and said “you tell me yours -
Did you lose all your friends? Do you want to meet ours”
Behind the black lipstick her white teeth did shine
“Come on up the hill there we’ve mushrooms and wine”

We were joined by six lads, as we got through the gates
Says I “I’ll head back, I can see I’m too late”
But she looked at me hard with her sunflower eyes
And said don’t be silly boy, you are my prize…

Under that foolish moon amidst headstones and trees
I wished I’d a crowd of me mates around me
Not a bottle of powers and a wee bag of cans
But I followed along, hand in glove, glove in hand

It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted that tea
But this time the weirdness it overwhelmed me
I thought her my sister, I thought her my twin
When she opened her grave to me I followed in

Down through the wet vaults of Creggan’s cold clay
Past tree roots and caskets in states of decay
Till we danced in the great halls of crumbling stone
Where wild mouldering tapestries hang from old bones

There was all kinds of gentry and strange looking beasts
Frock coats and swallowtails britches and lace
The lasses and lads there they smiled at their ease
But I’d never seen any mouths hungry as these

When she said do you love me I lied and said yes
Then kissed her and tasted the cold tongue of death
I was sickened and twisted with terror and fear
For I knew then I’d lost all I’d loved all those years

To the drone of a pipe and the tap of a drum
I was coming up fast but I couldn’t get home
So I spun and I whirled and drank wine til I drowned
To the sound of her laughter I slipped and sank down.

I woke upside down in a tree the next morn
I was bruised cut and sick I was tattered and shorn
My superman costume was changed to old rags
My powers was gone, and no money for fags

I left my mind open on that cold windy hill
and the things that crawled in there are haunting me still
And the life that they took from me I’ll never know
When they stole all the heat from my heart and my soul

So all you young fellows that roams round the town
Beware the six maids in their ripped velvet gowns
And don’t go wi them if your heart isn’t free
Or you’ll wander these cold streets stripped bare of your dreams…
Track Name: Stampeding Swine Of The Abyss
It was i believe
a woman, possessed
By Jesus confronted
She straightway confessed
Within her the demon
Whose name was legion
Evicted, destroyed
The nascent pork industry of the region

Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Stampeding Swine of The Abyss

Whoops – what did we miss?
Is it a hardcore nu-death metal band
Is it retro-fetish clubland
Is it a Tory-LibDem party
Is it belief in peaceful apartheid?

Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Stampeding Swine of The Abyss

Is it creatures reared for food
Refusing to be a passive brood?
Hitting self-destuct rather
Than go a step up on the pyramid ladder

Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Stampeding Swine of The Abyss

An over-reaction to demonic possession?
A refusual to engage in group confession?
An active clifftop porkorama
A metaphorical help-me mama

Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Stampeding Swine of The Abyss

Or just an exhortation to get real
Invitational reach-around Jesus feel
A call to arms on a minister’s door
Remember what the good book’s for!

Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Stampeding Swine of The Abyss
Track Name: The New Streets Of Derry
As I walked home through the new streets of Derry
A song unbidden came to my mind
Its syllables matched my falling footsteps
Beneath a grey blue morning sky

The architecture was unfamiliar
And from small gardens strange gnomes did strain
But although money has enlarged our dwellings
The hearts of our people they remain the same

As I walked on from the top of ardgrange
Down past where grangemore was the first to land
I thought of peoples my loved and near ones
And how they navigate this strand

To me it’s simple tonight at least I
Have sipped and nibbled yet have had my fill
And on front doorsteps and under canvas
Have danced and wandered at the full moon’s will

I raise my hat to the cats and pigeons
And lightly stepping observe a cab
He’s heading up – I’ll catch him after
When fareless down the hill he‘ll cross my path

As I walked home through the new streets of derry
I bring to mind olden monstrosities
The gutted abbatoirs and ice cream parlours
With cool blue tiles and muted screams

And where the desperate face of foyleside
And the millennium whoredom raise their skirts
There are wells so deep No man’s hand may chart them
Where 15 centuries of sailors have been laid

I do recall up on the high steps
Of the Mourne Bar in nineteen and eighty six
I told a young girl a half moon was beautiful
And she looked at me then like I was thick

I saw her once in Lisnagelvin
My sister nudged me and said see her there
I recognised her from her strong features and
The unchanged black crown of her hair

As we grow old now our city changes
The one we built inside our heads as weans
But the city of our hearts surpasses
All planners constitutional and concerted campaigns

As I walked home though the new streets of derry
I remixed and pixelated the nights events
And I am resolved that since not I
It is Derry surely that is heaven sent