Bin Hoker Girl

from by Teknopeasant

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Bin Hoker Girl

The first time I met her was sat on the street
Her big woolly hat on she smiled at me sweet
She said why you hungry boy come on with me
I’ll take you to places where everything’s free

We bantered and dandered our way down the quay
She climbed fences easy as night followed day
She said don’t be nervous you got to dive in
And we head over heeled into sainsbury’s bins

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rock my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!

First we found oranges then we found bread
Sweetcorn and mackerel – watch them she said
Ripe avocados - Buy none get two free
I laughed for I knew she was laughing at me

Well we’d this morning’s croissants
And yesterday’s prawns
And we finished the olives as the night wore on
We drank a toast to the holy grail
Wi a couple of tins of own brand ale

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rock my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!

The moon shone on Derry
And through the oul haze
I thought this is one of them mentalist days
But none of the folks in the tower Hotel
Dined as fine as me and my bin-hoker girl

So we danced in the moonlight
Below the new bridge
She tapped out a jig on a oul rusty fridge
We kissed where the heart patients walk off the pounds
And made love on our coats on the cold common ground

She says pride will starve you
The whole world’s just theft
Their false economy’s up the left
Get off your arse boy and come away wi me
There’s a whole lot more crazy world to see…

Well I thought I’d been round
Been all over the world
But I never met a woman like my bin-hoker girl

Some of you may think this song’s a joke
But more each day got a hard bin to hoke
She said they’re like you love
Don’t know that they’re free
And they’ll never find out
Without a good looking
hard fighting
head knocking
smart working
bin-hoking girl like me..

Bin Hoker Girl!!!
You know you rocked my world..
Bin Hoker Girl!!!


from The Raw Deal, released April 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Teknopeasant Donegal, Ireland

Teknopeasant aka Conor O'Kane is a Banjo-shredding blues-punk mountain-man preacher for the post-apocalyptic generation. His no-holds-barred assaults on consumer society, greedy agricultural practises and pointless political labyrinths work through the innterplay of musicality, humour and rage. His gentler side comes across in his beautiful folk songs and country-blues tinged tales of caravan life ... more

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