Hallowe'en Night

from by Teknopeasant

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Derry is the home to Europe's biggest Hallowe'en celebration - but a darker side lies behind the fireworks and street carnivals as the ancient shadows of the Samhain festival grow in the dark night...


Oh I’m just a poor fella that wanders this town
Tapping for drink or a couple of pound
But I once had a girlfriend, a job and a home
It’s truth that I tell though I wish it were none

I fell out with my girl and the whole of our crew
Over some stupid message that I miss-sent to you
Couldn’t sit wi me nephews and nieces at home
So on Halloween night I was out on my own

Sick of the town and the lights of the pubs
And the same DJs playing in overpriced clubs
I was looking for somewhere to party all night
When a bunch of wee goth wans came into my sight

They were witches and vampires and a ghoul in a shroud
Then I saw one wee lass drop her glove on the ground
In my superman costume I ran up and cried
“I’m made out of steel girls would ye give us a smile?”

Of the six scary sisters she was fairest to me
Plum velvet black leather and fishnets and heels
She’d a seventies face and her hair looked the same
I gave back her glove and I asked for her name

She laughed in my face and said “you tell me yours -
Did you lose all your friends? Do you want to meet ours”
Behind the black lipstick her white teeth did shine
“Come on up the hill there we’ve mushrooms and wine”

We were joined by six lads, as we got through the gates
Says I “I’ll head back, I can see I’m too late”
But she looked at me hard with her sunflower eyes
And said don’t be silly boy, you are my prize…

Under that foolish moon amidst headstones and trees
I wished I’d a crowd of me mates around me
Not a bottle of powers and a wee bag of cans
But I followed along, hand in glove, glove in hand

It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted that tea
But this time the weirdness it overwhelmed me
I thought her my sister, I thought her my twin
When she opened her grave to me I followed in

Down through the wet vaults of Creggan’s cold clay
Past tree roots and caskets in states of decay
Till we danced in the great halls of crumbling stone
Where wild mouldering tapestries hang from old bones

There was all kinds of gentry and strange looking beasts
Frock coats and swallowtails britches and lace
The lasses and lads there they smiled at their ease
But I’d never seen any mouths hungry as these

When she said do you love me I lied and said yes
Then kissed her and tasted the cold tongue of death
I was sickened and twisted with terror and fear
For I knew then I’d lost all I’d loved all those years

To the drone of a pipe and the tap of a drum
I was coming up fast but I couldn’t get home
So I spun and I whirled and drank wine til I drowned
To the sound of her laughter I slipped and sank down.

I woke upside down in a tree the next morn
I was bruised cut and sick I was tattered and shorn
My superman costume was changed to old rags
My powers was gone, and no money for fags

I left my mind open on that cold windy hill
and the things that crawled in there are haunting me still
And the life that they took from me I’ll never know
When they stole all the heat from my heart and my soul

So all you young fellows that roams round the town
Beware the six maids in their ripped velvet gowns
And don’t go wi them if your heart isn’t free
Or you’ll wander these cold streets stripped bare of your dreams…


from The Raw Deal, released April 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Teknopeasant Donegal, Ireland

Teknopeasant aka Conor O'Kane is a Banjo-shredding blues-punk mountain-man preacher for the post-apocalyptic generation. His no-holds-barred assaults on consumer society, greedy agricultural practises and pointless political labyrinths work through the innterplay of musicality, humour and rage. His gentler side comes across in his beautiful folk songs and country-blues tinged tales of caravan life ... more

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